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The Small Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther and its Explanation
Dammann, Heinrich
This book contains the five parts of the Small Catechism, the three questions of the Confession and the Power of the Keys, and the expanation of all parts of the Small Catechism with quoted Bible passages. The explanation of this Catechism was written in Zulu by missionary Heinrich Damman in corporation with the pastors J. Nkambule, M. Gabela, and bishop Dr. G. Schulz. It was translated into Tswana by pastor Wilhelm Badenhorst. His translation was prepared for publication by a commission of the Lutheran Church in Southern Africa: the deans T. Ratshefola and A. Sibanyoni, the missionaries E. Hohls, and M. Krieser, and the pastors J. Pule, and J. Sephai in 1998. According to a request of bishop Dr. D. P. Twsadi the second edition was prepared by missionary em. Dr. E. A. W. Weber according to proposals made by missionary C. D. Weber.
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