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Concordia Commentary: First Corinthians
Lockwood, Gregory J.
This epistle applies the wisdom of the cross—the heart of the Gospel—to practical concerns that continue to face the church today. “The word of the cross” (1 Cor 1:18) is the basis for the church’s unity (1 Corinthians 1–4), holiness (5–7), freedom (8–10), worship (11–14), and resurrection hope (15–16). St. Paul firmly and evangelically calls the members of a fractured congregation to live according to their baptismal unity in Christ. This commentary is particularly strong in its exegetical treatment of controverted issues. Dr. Lockwood upholds the inspired and authoritative Word of God as it addresses, for example, lawsuits, homosexuality and immorality, singlehood, marriage, and divorce (chapters 6–7). Christian freedom is balanced by the imperative to avoid idolatry and syncretism (chapters 8–10). The real presence of Christ’s body and blood and the apostolic mandate in 1 Cor 11:27–30 require the historic practice of closed Communion for the Lord’s Supper, whose benefits the comme
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